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Subject:Alternative to Delphi for PHP
Summary:Delphi for PHP is still immature to bet your career on it
Author:Yogi Yang
Date:2010-06-12 04:28:30
Update:2014-06-03 16:17:06

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Picture of Yogi Yang Yogi Yang - 2010-06-12 04:30:05
There are alternatives to this IDE.

The VCL4PHP is still an immature framework with lots of bug and is proving to be very slow.

The use of various open source immature libs in VCL4PHP is a pain in the neck and makes it truly UNUSABLE product/framework. For example the JavaScript lib 'qooxdoo' used in VCL4PHP is not a matured and stable lib. It does not function uniformly across browsers and contains a lot of bugs also.

Instead of adopting Delphi for PHP for commercial development I would suggest you to have a look at Yes Software's Code Charge Studio. It is a true RAD tool for developing web applications. It is very stable and highly usable also.